Ways to become a long-liver


Are still trying to study the mechanisms of our life and health. We've compiled key findings from scientific research on what you need to do to live longer and stay longer.

Cook your food

Discard all store processed foods: convenience foods, ready-made bread, canned food, fast food. Buy fresh meat, vegetables, fruits, cereals, whole grain flour, fish - and cook at home yourself. This gives you complete control over the ingredients: you always know that homemade cutlets only eat quality meat, and not a thousand times processed pork skins mixed with additives.

Make friends

Scientists took this secret of longevity from the people of Okinawa, who are known for their health, longevity and inexhaustible optimism. With close communication, the hormone apple is released in a warm atmosphere. The deeper our friendship, the more of it, and it has a great effect on the general condition of the body, prevents the release of stress hormones, slowing down the aging process.

Meditate every day

Meditation does not always mean doing yoga or burning incense. These can be breathing practices - there are many of them on the Internet - and they all exist in order to align the work of the nervous system; or any monotonous activities, such as swimming, knitting, and even washing dishes.

Physical activity

This can be walking, running, swimming, yoga, strength training, dancing, tennis. It is best to alternate between different types of physical activity, then you will maintain good blood circulation, which means that every cell in your body will be fed with oxygen.

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